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Welcome back to Blonde Barrel.

Things are a little bit different at the moment, but don’t worry… our helpful team will keep you right!

How to order…

  • You’ve found our drinks menu… so you’re off to a great start! Have a browse, then when you’re ready to order, just give a member of our team a wave! Once we have verified you’ve checked in, we’ll take your order. Please remember to remain seated, give us a wave and let us come to you!
  • Once a member of the team has taken your order, they’ll pass it on to our bar team who will begin preparing your drinks.
  • When your order is ready a member of our team will bring it to you, your bill will arrive with your order. A member of our team will then take your payment. We’d prefer you to pay using contactless payment methods wherever possible, however we do still accept cash.
  • Once you’ve paid up, all that’s left to do is enjoy your drinks and your time with us here at Blonde Barrel!


Find a seat. Park your Bum. Let us do the rest!

At busier periods, we’d really appreciate your patience with our team! Don’t worry, no one has forgotten about you! We will be with you as soon as we can!

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Thanks for visiting us!

Always drink responsibly.