Bottle on a budget?

Due to the closure of our venue during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a large excess of bottle stock. Some of these bottles have passed their ‘best before’ dates, but are still 100% safe to be sold and consumed! To help us get through this excess stock quickly without putting it to waste, we will be selling this stock for


£2 bottles currently available:

Amstel, Bulmers Original, Daytime IPA, Desperado, Sol, Heineken, Heineken 0%, Newcastle Brown Ale, Hooch, WKD Blue, WKD Iron Bru, Smirnoff Ice, K2 Blue*, K2 Orange*, K2 Red*

*These bottles are priced at £1.30

We also have freshly delivered stock available. Well in date & ready to be enjoyed!:

Amstel – 3.50

Desperado – 3.90

SOL – 3.50

Heineken – 3.50

Bulmers Original – 3.90

Bulmers Red Berries & Lime – 4.10

WKD Blue – 3.50

WKD Iron Bru – 3.50

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